Edward Waters College
Triple Threat

The Marching Triple Threat Band is an integral part of the fall season. From supporting the football team to participating in various Battle of the Bands and competitions, the marching band keeps busy AND productive. The Band performs at football games, contests, parades, and other performance opportunities in the area. The Edward Waters College Band is a renowned program and has been persistently in high demand. The band has performed throughout the state of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Each year the band performs at numerous high schools and battle of the bands throughout the Eastern Coast. The Triple Threat Marching Band has performed at the Honda Battle of The Bands in 2009 & 2013. The Triple Threat Marching Bands has also made appearances at NFL games, performing for halftime. Also, in 2017, members of the band received the opportunity to perform in a music video for The Go! Team’s, a six-piece band from Brighton, England. Each year, the Edward Waters College band.

Edward Waters College Marching Band