Edward Waters College
Purple Thunder

During an efficient day of band practice, several young ladies from the choir were teasing the former band director Mr. Marques Graham, confidently stating they could execute the same dance routines as petite dancers but better! Mr. Graham asked them to demonstrate their techniques. Mr. Graham then put forth the idea of having the first plus size dance squad, featuring the young ladies with the Triple Threat Marching Band during the 2002 homecoming show for the first time and everyone LOVED IT! At that time, Ms. Kathy and Bertran Daniels (the founders and leaders of the Purple Thunders) molded the dance squad to what it is today! The Purple Thunder has been an active squad since 2002 and will be often imitated! Our team performs throughout the year at various events, football games, basketball games, pep rallies, parades, and several Battle of the Bands.

EWC Purple Passion